Zombies, Cannibalism and Drugs … Oh My

Okay – bear with us. We know this is a weird story to recap, but it’s got an important message out there for all of us. We love Twitter and some of the crazy national headlines that filter through our feed once and awhile.

So, last week CNN starts posting about reports of a “zombie” and “cannibalist” coming from the Miami area. And while this typically wouldn’t garner a “click” from us – something stopped us in our tracks. “Bath salts” were also mentioned in the headline. The story goes something like this:  police arrested a man who was chewing up the face of a homeless man. His behavior was so strange, police initially suspected the man was under the influence of bath salts. However, turns out he wasn’t using bath salts … he was sticking with marijuana.


Nothing funny about this “zombie-like” man who was suspected of bath salt use.

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Why were bath salts suspected?

What makes this story stand out to me is the initial blame of bath salts. This man’s behavior was so strange and so unexplainable, authorities assume bath salts were to blame. I’ve heard that the “bath salt high” is one of the worst out there – even up there with meth and other hard-hitting drugs. The “trip” that teens and adults experience when using bath salts is very extreme and very dangerous. It’s landed many in the ER. The lucky ones walk away without any long-lasting health effects. Bath salts are a very big deal.

Although in this case the story was that bath salts were NOT involved, it gives me even more reason to continue warning parents and teens of the dangers of all drugs … marijuana and synthetic drugs alike. The man involved happened to have marijuana in his system… I’m sure the next story down the line could involve bath salts. The bottom line? All drug use is a big deal. Get tested. Prevent use. Any form of illegal drug use is not OK and dangerous.

Need a drug test for marijuana?

Need a drug test for bath salts?

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