Why Your School Needs Athletic Testing for Steroids

According to a report by the Mayo Clinic, as many as 1 in 20 teens use steroids to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance. Recent research by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids reveals that 11% of high school students have used steroids, up from 5% in 2012.

As these statistics show, if you think that your school does not need random steroid testing, you may be mistaken. Steroid testing not only helps end teen steroid use, but also helps prevent teens from trying steroids in the first place.

Health Effects of Steroid Use

Steroids can have numerous negative health effects, many of which can be severe and long-lasting. For example, they can cause shrunken testicles, breast growth, high blood pressure, liver problems and tendon injuries. Athletic testing is one excellent way to spare teens from these nasty side effects.

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While steroid testing can bring about necessary discipline, steroid testing is mainly a way to motivate students to avoid drugs. When students know that they will have to complete a steroid test in order to play, they have a much greater motivation to stay clean. The steroid test makes the steroids not worth the risk. It ensures that steroids hurt, rather than help, the teens’ performance.

Athletic Testing & Privacy Rights

Standard athletic testing is a good way to prevent teens from taking dangerous performance-enhancing drugs.

Does athletic testing infringe on privacy rights? If it is done correctly, it does not. Steroid testing should be done randomly, fairly and without discrimination. This way, the steroid tests are most likely to help keep the students safe without infringing upon their rights. Steroid tests shouldn’t be a method of punishment, but of prevention.

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These days, more teens than ever report knowing how to obtain steroids, and many teens don’t feel like steroids pose that great of a risk. These facts alone should convince schools to look into athletic testing for the safety of your students.

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