Why Stick to Lab-Based Drug Testing, Not At-Home Drug Test Kits

It takes 5 minutes flat to find out what your son is smoking!

Is your teen daughter doing drugs? You can detect it at home!

Sounds appealing, right?

As parents in a right-here, right-now society, when fears of teenage drug use arise, we often want to get answers NOW. Even if it means paying for overnight shipping on an instant at-home drug test kit that dubiously promises accurate results, we’ll do it just to gain peace of mind.

When it comes to drug testing your teen, though, an at-home drug test you buy from the internet doesn’t cut it. Here’s why you should opt for lab-based drug testing.

Why Lab-Based Drug Testing, Not an At-Home Drug Test?

At-home drug test kits aren’t as accurate.

Your relationship with your child is too important to put on the line, especially when you realize that at-home drug test kits are not as accurate as lab-based ones. Imagine if an at-home drug test says your teen is abusing substances. You confront your child, and they deny it. You don’t believe them and punish them anyway. Your trust in them is broken, and they feel betrayed. Don’t let a false positive wreck your family.Sad teenage girl being comforted by her mother

On the other hand, keep in mind that an at-home drug test can also fail to detect certain drugs — so even if your child is falling victim to a cycle of substance abuse, you might get a false sense of security from a false negative. In this way, an at-home drug test kit can actually prevent you from getting your teen the help they need to kick a drug habit before it’s too late.

Costs are similar.

When it comes down to it, the costs between an at-home drug test kit and a lab-based drug test even out, particularly when shipping is factored in. Plus, lab-based tests can screen for multiple drugs at once, while some at-home drug test services only offer testing on one drug. By the time you have to purchase multiple test kits to cover all the drugs you want to test for, the costs can pile up. To top it all off, if you end up requiring a legally-admissible drug test for any reason (see below), you’ll have to pay for a lab-based drug test, anyway, since an at-home drug test result won’t cut it.

Lab-based tests still have a quick turnaround.

Worried that going the lab-based route will leave you pacing the floor for weeks awaiting results? Not true. Lab-based tests still provide a quick turnaround, so that you can have results in hand within days.

You’re not an expert.

No offense meant, but when it comes to drug testing, it’s best to rely on fully-trained professionals who know how to properly collect specimens for drug testing. If you use an at-home drug test kit, you risk mishandling and compromising the sample. Even if you do collect the sample properly, keep in mind that certain prescription drugs test positive for commonly-abused drugs. Unless you are an expert who knows what medications result in what positives, then you shouldn’t

Legal matters.

If you use an at-home drug test and discover that your teen is using drugs, there’s a chance that you’ll need to use this information for legal purposes — like in a custody battle, or if your child is seeking legal emancipation. Since at-home drug tests aren’t collected by professionals following chain-of-custody guidelines, their results aren’t legally admissible. As a result, you’d have to have your teen complete a lab-based drug test before you could move forward with any legal case.

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