Why Teens Turn to Drug Abuse

It’ s easy for parents to grow frustrated and blame themselves when it comes to teen drug abuse. As a guardian for your child, you are tasked with teaching them what’s healthy and what’s harmful.

Of course, any parent of a teen knows that rebellion happens — and even if you’ve done your best to educate your kids on the dangers of drugs, they still might experiment. Experimentation can spiral out of control into drug abuse.

Why are today’s teens so at-risk for drug abuse? We’re exploring some factors that contribute to substance use among this generation.

Why Teens are Drawn to Drug Abuse

Why Teens Turn to Drug AbuseIncreased Exposure & Access to Drugs

As drug use shifts from street drugs to synthetics and prescription medications more readily available in the suburbs, teen drug use has increases. Teenagers have easier access to these sorts of drugs — synthetics can be purchased in convenience stores, and prescription medications can be stolen from parents, borrowed from friends, or prescribed without need.

Self-Confidence Issues

This generation is more exposed to media than ever — and as a result, there’s greater pressure to look and act a certain way. Studies have linked issues with self-confidence to drug use. At first, using drugs may bring a false sense of confidence to a teen — but in the long run, drug use can initiate a cycle of self-loathing and destructive behavior.

Pressure at School

Today’s teens are under a lot of academic pressure: to get good grades, to successfully balance work, school, activities, and a social life, to get accepted to college. The drive to succeed can lead to teen drug abuse, particularly of prescription medications such as Adderall.

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