Weed Found on Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus

Weed-found-on-Justin-Bieber's-tour-busIt’s getting increasingly difficult to teach teens to stay away from drugs. Especially when the world’s most popular teen, Justin Bieber, is linked to them. We all know rock stars and pop stars have done their fair share of drugs, but we’d hoped 19-year-old Bieber would become the exception. At this point, the incident in question is all alleged, so we won’t point the finger just yet, but here are the details.

Swedish Tour Bus

At approximately 7:10 pm on Wednesday night, Stockholm police smelled marijuana coming from Bieber’s tour bus. After a warrant was issued, police found a small amount of narcotics on the bus. They insist that no one will be charged in this case because the bus was empty at the time, and they’re not exactly sure who the drugs belonged to.

Bieber was allegedly seen, hours before the incident, with his friend Lil Za. Some people claim to have seen Za and Bieber smoking pot in Los Angeles before (says TMZ).

Bieber took to Twitter to respond to the rumors:

“Some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever…back to the music.”

We won’t point the finger, but…

In today’s world of instant communication and instant gratification, it’s hard to know what rumors are true and what are completely false. However, it’s best if Bieber, being the role model that he is, separates himself from anyone that would potentially put him in this position and curb the habit if he indeed is smoking pot every once and awhile.

As Justin Bieber gets older, his fans will grow up with him. They look up to him for everything – not just hairstyles and pop music. They want to do everything that he does. That’s why it’s important that he shows them he’s not about drugs.

Although he doesn’t have the impact on teens that parents will, but if he joins them in the fight for making good decisions, his influence can do wonders.

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