Watch Out for These Drugs in Your Child’s Trick or Treat Bag


Halloween is meant to be a time when children can enjoy dressing up and scoring treats from friendly neighbors.

Unfortunately, some individuals have turned the holiday into a time when parents need to be extremely vigilant.

We aren’t just talking about your run-of-the-mill tricks like pumpkin smashing, TPing, and other annoying, but relatively harmless pranks. These are more dangerous criminal acts that can endanger the lives of your children if you’re not paying enough attention.

Drugs Disguised as Candy?

Flakka Gummy Bears

We have shared the dangers of the drug Flakka before. Parents need to be extra careful because police in Florida have found gummy bears that are laced with the drug, which can be fatal.

Flakka gummy bears are usually individually wrapped and appear to be covered in sugar — but the substance is actually flakka. The bears are also stickier than regular gummy bears.

Gummy bears have also been laced with marijuana, which is also dangerous to children upon ingestion.

The takeaway? If you notice any individually wrapped gummy bears in your child’s trick or treat bag, confiscate them immediately.

Ecstasy, Not Candy

Police are also warning parents to watch out for brightly colored, whimsically-shaped candies without commercial wrapping. These could be ecstasy.

Also called MDMA, X, E, or Molly, the popular part drug has long been characterized by its candy-esque look. Its appearance makes it appealing to kids, who can’t tell the difference between it and candy.

Again, parents are urged to check their kids’ candy bags and remove any loose or unwrapped candies. Only candy in its original wrapper should be consumed.

Accurate, Reliable Testing

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City can provide testing for unknown substances to verify if they are drugs or other toxins. We can also test your child if you suspect that they have ingested a drug. Since substances do quickly flush out of a child’s system, we encourage you to act fast and bring your child in right away for testing.

For more information, call (816) 875-0464.

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