Update in Teen Death-By-Overdose Saga

Recently we told you about a Georgia teen that died from an overdose and the arrested teacher who was the alleged supplier. Today, we have an update.

 Xanax-was-found-in-Wages-systemRecap on the Teacher Giving Drugs to Student

Morgan Wages, a senior in the Barrow County School System, died of an apparent drug overdose. The doctors are awaiting autopsy results, but the 18-year-old was found with Xanax and Methodone in her body. Emily Smith, 37, a teacher in the school system, was arrested for aiding the teen in the purchase of the drugs.

A Second Suspect in the Drug Case

Eight days after Smith was arrested, Terry Littleton, 25, was arrested and charged with attempting to distribute a controlled substance and using a telephone in an attempt to distribute the drug, according to OnlineAthens.com.

“Both Littleton and Smith assisted the victim, via cellphone, with the victim’s quest to obtain a controlled substance prior to her death,” a sheriff’s report states.

Another surprising detail…

“Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith had said earlier that Emily Smith made a telephone call and had the narcotics delivered to the victim while she was babysitting her daughter.”

Children in the path of drugs

If it’s not bad enough that a teacher teamed up with a twenty-something and helped supply a student with drugs – now we see it occured in the presence of her young daughter.

This story becomes more and more upsetting as details are revealed. We continue to send our condolences to Morgan Wages’ family and we hope that the Barrow County School District can heal through this process.

Parents’ role in keeping teens off drugs

This story has a lot of legs and applications for parents out there who want to keep their kids off of drugs. Obviously this educator did not set a good example for her students … or her daughter.

Your teen can be using substances other than the known “dangerous drugs” like marijuana and cocaine. The prescription pills that fall under the DEA’s controlled substances also pose a risk if taken without the recommendation and oversight of a physician.

Like in this case – where adults supplied a teen with un-prescribed medication.

Parents – you are the ones who need to monitor your teen and their behavior. You cannot trust or expect the school system, community or anyone involved in your teen’s life to do it.

Be involved. Stay alert. Ask questions. And do everything you can to keep your kids off drugs.

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