Two Missouri Teens’ Drug Overdose Stories Sobering for Kansas City Area Parents

Missouri is a great place to raise a family, but a growing number of teens are dying here as the result of a drug overdose. Two tragic cases have happened recently — one in the Kansas City metro, and one in the St. Louis area.

One drug overdose involved 15 year-old Bailey Wages at a slumber party in Belton; Wages suffered from seizures and died of an accidental drug overdose. Brayden Travis, an 18 year-old from St. Charles, Missouri, overdosed heroin and Xanax in March; he’s currently in a coma due to his overdose.

Here’s what Kansas City parents should know about teen drug abuse and overdoses.

Missouri Teens’ Overdoses Startle Area Parents: Reasons, Signs, & Next Steps

Denial is a Problem

Drug overdose deaths like those mentioned above are rising, but parents are frequently blindsided by them. Most don’t realize their teens are experimenting with drugs. Their first reaction is to deny that a drug overdose could have happened.

What parents don’t realize is that kids are adept at hiding drug habits. They’re also good at filching prescription drugs from the family medicine cabinet without adults noticing; parents need to take steps to better secure and dispose of these potentially addictive medications.

Signs to Look ForSad Teen

It’s possible for parents to learn the signs of drug use. Knowing the signs, and acting on them, can help prevent a drug overdose. Sudden behavioral changes or a plunge in grades at school are both symptoms. Alterations in appearance and health can also be warning signs. Sudden weight loss or marked changes in sleeping habits may be indicators. Glassy eyes, inexplicable paranoia and new friend groups may also be clues.

Next Steps

It may be helpful to discuss drug use with your teen. Let them know you’re concerned and that you’re there to support them.

If your teen remains uncommunicative and you’re still suspicious that they may be engaging in harmful behavior, it may be necessary to bring them to Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City for a drug test. A drug test can reveal whether or not a teen is under the influence and what substance they may be using. From there, you’ll have a much better idea of what kind of help your child may need. Drug testing can also ensure that your child follows your rules regarding the use of controlled substances.

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