Trends in Teen Drug Use

As a parent, you may spend a lot of time worrying.

Worrying your child will stay safe.

Worrying your child will stay happy.

Worrying your child will stay healthy.

While there is no way to predict the future and quiet these fears, parents can be proactive about their teens’ wellness by being aware of teen drug use — including warning signs and current trends in usage.

The recently released results of a 2014 survey show promising signs relating to teen drug use. In some respects, the survey demonstrated a drop in overall teen drug use. Other aspects were more troubling, such as the greater perceived tolerance for marijuana. Much can be learned about teen drug use by highlighting the more significant findings, as we’ve done below!

Teen Drug Use Trends Parents Should Know

Alcohol Use Declines

Alcohol is the most frequently used drug for teens. Nonetheless, this survey shows numbers are down among 8th, 10th and 12th graders. The numbers show fewer reported incidents of binge drinking, which is also a positive indicator.

Tobacco Use Down, but e-Cigarettes Are Gaining Favor

The teen drug use survey results show a drop cigarette usage. Still, there is a troubling uptick in the use of hookahs. This is the first year the study has tracked e-cigarette use, but the results are concerning. Teens of all ages seem to be using e-cigarettes, perhaps because there is no hard data regarding the long term health effects of the habit.

Illicit Narcoticsdrug using teens at house party.

Teen drug use of narcotics is down overall, following a trend of approximately two decades. Moreover, survey participants note that it seems more difficult to acquire these substances than it used to be.

Marijuana Use Unchanged, but Attitudes Are Fluctuating

Results for marijuana use are holding steady with findings from previous years. What is changing is that more teens appear to perceive using marijuana as less harmful and more acceptable. About 64% of the high school seniors surveyed did not feel that occasional marijuana use was particularly harmful. Nonetheless, about 74% of the survey takers disapprove of adults who smoke marijuana on a regular basis.

Use of Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications Drops

The teen drug use survey showed that fewer kids are raiding the family medicine cabinet in search of a high. That’s good news, but many teens still report acquiring such drugs from friends and family or simply misusing medication that was prescribed for them.

These Teen Drug Trends Don’t Have to be Your Reality

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