Tips for Your School Drug Testing Program

In our last post, we shared that many school systems are looking to create school drug testing programs.

If you’re a parent or educator, you probably have an interest in school drug testing and how it can help combat dangerous teen drug use.

But a drug testing program is only effective if it’s smart. We’re sharing some tips for creating an effective school drug testing program.

Make Your School Drug Testing Program Effective

1. Educate Teachers & Parents

If you’re creating a school drug testing program, it’s not only key for students to understand the policies in place — it’s also imperative that educators and parents are on-board and up-to-date.

Parents need to know the rules and school drug testing details so they can enforce them at home and so there’s no confusion or resistance when it comes time for their kids to submit to drug testing. Educators need to be likewise in-the-know so they can answer questions about the policy, enforce it amongst students, and understand what constitutes reasonable suspicion if that type of testing is used.

2. Pay Attention to Drug TrendsTeens

A school drug testing program that doesn’t reflect current drug trends won’t be very effective. In addition to knowing what drugs kids in your community are using, it’s important to pay attention to what substances teens are abusing nationwide, as these drugs could grow in popularity in your region.

While commonly abused substances like cocaine and heroin should probably be a part of your school drug testing program, it’s also a good idea to add in prescription drug abuse, marijuana, and synthetic drugs, as these are popular drugs among teens.

3. Be Purposeful When Choosing Types & Methods

Before you determine what sort of testing your school drug program will involve, be sure to consider how each type of drug testing will serve you. If you are concerned about athletes using drugs, you will want to conduct drug testing before they’re allowed to join the team. If you are worried about the general student body using drugs, random testing or reasonable suspicion testing will serve as a deterrent.

Likewise, you should consider your desired windows of detection when selecting school drug testing methodologies. Different collection procedures (urine, saliva, hair, etc.) provide different detection lengths, so if you want to see long-term use, you’ll need to opt for a hair test over a urine test, for example.

4. Consult With a School Drug Testing Expert

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City can serve as your comprehensive drug testing expert. With experience creating and implementing school drug testing programs, we can help design a testing protocol that meets your needs and follows all state laws. We want to help you launch a school drug testing program that will help keep Kansas City teens clean.

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