Teens – stay away from “Smiles”

As a drug testing facility in the Kansas City area, it’s our mission to inform you about the latest drug trends in KC, as well as around the country. With the growing media coverage surrounding synthetic drugs, more and more parents are becoming familiar with the latest wave of illegal drug use. Synthetics are extremely dangerous, more potent than “traditional” drugs like marijuana and continue to evolve by the day. And one of the latest synthetics is a drug all parents need to know about.


Be on alert for teens using “Smiles” or 2C-I, one of the growing synthetic drugs

About “Smiles” or 2C-I – Synthetic Drug

Traditional synthetics have been known as “fake pot” or “fake cocaine” and come packaged as K2, bath salts (among others.) The DEA cracked down on these substances and labeled them as Schedule 1 substances (absolutely off-limits), however due to the chemistry of the compounds, new forms continue to be manufactured and sold. The synthetic drug 2C-I is on the rise, particularly among high school teenagers, college students and young adults.

Here’s what you need to know about 2C-I or “Smiles”

Smile’s effects have been called a combination of MDMA and LSD, only far more potent. Users have reported a speedy charge along with intense visual and aural hallucinations that can last anywhere from hours to days.” article onShine written by Piper Weiss.

  • The drugs have caused death from overdose
  • YouTube users have logged on to report of their “highs” from “Smiles” – a drug that’s growing in popularity across the country.
  • It’s difficult to test and will NOT show up on a traditional drug test.
  • It’s caused seizures, blood pressure problems, organ failure, hallucinations and even death.
  • Possession, distribution and manufacture of the drug is illegal.
  • It comes as a liquid, power or pill and can be ingested in a variety of ways.

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