Teens Order Drugs…Sent Straight to Your Mailbox

Do your teens order things online? You might be surprised to learn that some teens are buying more than DVDs, video games or clothes online. Teens are browsing the internet to purchase drugs and have them sent to their home addresses.

Teens are navigating the Dark Net, a group of anonymous websites that can’t be accessed through typical search engines. Users have to download browsers that hide their activity.

What’s on the Dark Net?

The Dark Net is a host for a wide range of hidden sites, including online black markets, porn, access to killers for hire and drugs.

The most recent news about the Dark Net emerged when the FBI shut down Silk Road, a black market dubbed as “the eBay for drugs”, in October 2013. One month later, sources reported that administrators opened up Silk Road 2.0.

drugs sent to mailbox

The original site was online for only two years, yet it had profited millions of dollars through the illegal online sale of drugs.

How do Teens use the Dark Net?

Special browsers are needed to browse the explicit information on the Dark Net. Tor, a network that enables online anonymity, directs internet traffic through thousands of relays to hide a user’s location and usage. Essentially, teens use Tor to browse this group of sites and hide their identity and browsing history.

To buy drugs through these sites, users must use bitcoins. Bitcoins are a currency not operated through a bank, so they are hard to trace. Users have an added layer of anonymity.

Prevent Teens From Purchasing Drugs From the Dark Net

Here are a few ways to prevent your teens from accessing the Dark Net and buying drugs online.

1. Don’t let mail be opened without checking it. If you have concerns, make a rule that you must be present for your teens to open packages and mail.

2. Find out if your teens have a P.O. box. Many teens avoid sending drug purchases to their home address by purchasing a P.O. box and having drugs shipped there.

3. Check the download folder of your computer for any browsers and delete any that are out of the ordinary.

4. Talk to your teens. Open up the discussion about illegal and prescription drugs. Explain the consequences in specific, direct terms.

5. If you’re concerned that your teens are using drugs, find out for sure with a drug test. There’s no simpler way to be completely sure. Contact Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City for drug testing that is reliable and convenient.

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