Teens Need Hobbies


Do you know the importance of teens having hobbies? In the battle to stop them from using and abusing drugs, it’s extremely important that teens find constructive activities for a number of reasons.

Build confidence

Confidence is like a muscle. The more it is stretched, the stronger it becomes. In this case, teens find a hobby and keep working to improve upon their abilities. This will make them “stronger” and more confident.

Hobbies are social

Whether it’s a sport, craft or some other activity, hobbies can be shared with others who have a similar or the same hobby. Take advantage of this. Use your hobby to connect with others. It will make it so much more fun.

Stress Relief

When things get stressful, as they inevitably will for teenagers, it’s good to have a release that isn’t dangerous. Hobbies can be those releases. If you focus on the task, life’s stresses take a backseat in your mind and help make them less overwhelming.

Some hobbies you can try

Hobbies can be anything, it seems. From sports to plants, the possibilities are endless. We just want to give you a brief list to help you get started, or perhaps spark your interest in something else.

  • Flying
  • Gardening
  • Back-packing
  • Rock-climbing
  • Cycling
  • Board games (Chess, Checkers, Backgammon etc.)
  • Swimming
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Crocheting or knitting

Find your hobby!

Being a teenager can be hard sometimes — no one will deny that. That’s why hobbies are important. As you’re discovering who you are, it’s important for teens to have hobbies that do not involve drugs.

If you’re a parent needing tips or ideas on hobbies for your teen around the Kansas City area, give us a call! not only can we help you implement practices that keep your teens off drugs, but we’d love to give you ideas on how to get them into fun hobbies, too.

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