Teens: Be Aware of How Marijuana Use Alters DNA & Increases Risk of Disease

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, affects DNA causing problems for future generations.

A new study conducted by The University of Western Australia discovered that the widely used illicit drug has serious negative health effects.

A reported 22.2 million people smoked marijuana in the month that the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) conducted its study.

Many of these users, particularly teens, are probably not aware of the dangerous effects of marijuana abuse.

Marijuana Abuse & Lasting Genetic Affects

A Link Between Cannabis Use and Severe Illnesses

Teenagers who use the drug recreationally often feel like it’s the lesser of all evils, citing alcohol as more dangerous than marijuana. That isn’t necessarily the case. Study authors, Albert Stuart Reece and Gary Hulse, from the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Sciences at the University of Western Australia, state that cannabis use can cause severe illnesses.

Marijuana’s Damaging Effect on DNA

Even if a person doesn’t get a disease themselves after smoking marijuana long-term, they may pass the DNA damage onto their children or grandchildren. The reason for this is that THC has the ability to alter and interact with a man or woman’s DNA. Teenagers who think their drug use is harmless may be causing damage to future generations.

Marijuana use even affects mothers who don’t smoke cannabis. If their husband does, his sperm can cause serious and even fatal illnesses in the children they have together. Cannabis alters a person’s DNA. It slows down the growth of cells and can cause birth defects and even childhood cancers.

What Does this Mean for Marijuana Users?

Making teenagers aware of the damaging effects of marijuana could possibly get them to stop using it or prevent them from trying the drug in the first place. If they hear how it could be passed on as DNA damage to their children and grandchildren, many would refrain from smoking pot and thinking it was cool to do so. After all, it could very well affect their health negatively, too.

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