Teen Suspended for Unidentified Illness

A Pasadena Independent School District student was suspended for allegedly using drugs. Police officers came to the school and administered the pen test and a balance test, concluding that the student was under the influence of an unidentified substance.

Not All Teens Use Drugs

While the teenage years are one of the highest at risk for abusing drugs, not every teen is a drug user–or a liar. Jazmin Garcia felt dizzy, couldn’t keep her eyes open, and eventually couldn’t stay awake. She told news reporters that the school’s two principals, the nurse, and two police officers were trying to coerce her into admitting to drug use, that she wouldn’t get in trouble. She refused and was suspended for three days.

Negative Drug Tests, No Repeal

After leaving school on Friday, February 2nd, Jazmin went to the doctor’s and had a drug test. Everything came back negative, as Garcia knew they would. She said it was an unidentified medical condition that made her dizzy; it struck the same way a year and a half ago.

Garcia’s mom brought the negative drug test and prior medical records to school but was told it wasn’t enough to repeal the suspension. In a statement, the district said, “The safety of all our students in Pasadena ISD is our primary concern. Pasadena ISD is unable to comment on any individual student discipline in accordance with law.”

Drug Testing Students

The school did not wait for drug test results before suspending Garcia, they relied on two tests that are inherently subjective, as a tired or sick student couldn’t pass them.¬†Her mother is considering moving her to another school, as well as considering suing the district. Some are saying this could be a big civil rights case but overall people are saying drug tests should be referenced in all cases before doling out punishment, especially punishment that can have a large impact on a student’s future plans such as college or military service.

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