Think Teen Substance Use is OK with Parental Knowledge? Not So Fast…

Teen Drug Use

If you’re a parent of a teen, you may think that your teenager’s substance use, including drinking and recreational drug use, is inevitable.

You may even think it’s safer for your teen to use drugs or drink with your consent, rather than doing it behind your back.

While it’s true that there is some reduction of negative consequences when teens use substances with their parents permission, there are still issues with allowing your teen to use drugs and alcohol.

Here’s what parents need to know about letting teens drink and use drugs.

Is Your Teen Safer Drinking or Using Drugs at Home?

According to research conducted by FCD Prevention Works, there is some reduction in risks when teens consume alcohol or use drugs with parental permission, but there are still drawbacks to the substance use.

Teens who used drugs with parental knowledge were 2 to 5 times less likely to report negative consequences like injury or difficulty in school. However, teens who used drugs or drank with parental permission were more likely to experience other serious repercussions, such as needing a drink or drug upon waking up or feeling a need to use substances when alone.

Researchers gathered this information from surveys filled out from 2009-2014 by students in 6th-12th grades in 24 countries. The survey found that:

  • 40% of all participants reported drinking alcohol in the past year
  • 11% indicated that they had used drugs or alcohol with parental knowledge
  • 16% indicated that they had used drugs or alcohol without parental knowledge
  • 85% of all students surveyed had experience one of the 21 negative repercussions of substance abuse identified by researchers, like sickness, dependence, fighting with friends, getting injured, or facing discipline at school

The experts agreed that regardless of whether parents know about teen drug or alcohol use, there are risks with substance abuse and alcohol use in teens, including the development of drinking problems later in life.

Keep Your Teen Clean

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