When is Your Teen Ready to be Home Alone?

At some point, all parents are confronted with the question of whether or not their teen is ready to be left at home alone.

While some adults might think that good grades are an indicator that their child is ready to be more independent, there are actually other things to consider. That’s because being home alone is often a precursor to engaging in risky behavior.

If you’re considering whether your teen is ready to stay at home unsupervised, be sure you consider the following factors.

Ensure Your Teen is Ready to be Home Alone

Teen Drug Use

When your teen knows that he has the house to himself, he’s much more likely to experiment with alcohol and drug use. That is particularly true in the summer when kids tend to have more freedom while parents are at work. Statistics show a 25 percent increase in alcohol experimentation in the summer.

Marijuana and Your Teen

Studies have demonstrated that 40 percent of kids between the ages of 12 and 17 will initially try marijuana during the months of May through August. That translates to about 5,800 kids trying marijuana every day in the summer. It’s no coincidence that this happens when your teen is less likely to be supervised.

Illegal Drug Experimentation

Marijuana isn’t the only drug that kids try during the summer. June and July are peak months for teens to experiment with drug use of all kinds. From misusing prescription medications to trying out heroin and cocaine, your teen may be more susceptible to breaking the law when school’s out.

Have a Talk With Your Teen

Before you decide whether or not your teen is ready to be left home alone, have a serious discussion with her about drug use and your expectations. Educate them about the risks that are associated with drug use, which include impaired decision-making abilities. Make certain they know that you’re serious about not allowing experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and be clear about the repercussions if this rule is broken.

Stopping Teen Drug Use in the KC Metro

Test Smartly Labs of Independence can help parents, school administrators, and other community leaders concerned about teen drug use. We provide accurate and confidential drug and alcohol testing for teens, and we can test for marijuana, synthetics, prescription drugs, and other substances that teens often experiment with.

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