Is Your Teen Using Instagram to Buy a Gram?

If you think that teen drug use and drug sales still happen pretty much exclusively in back alleys and under bridges, you may be leaving your teens susceptible to new drug dealing techniques you aren’t yet aware of.

Drug dealers don’t just meet in hidden locations anymore. These days you can find them anywhere, including on social media.

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City is sharing the details on what parents should watch for when it comes to teen social media use.

Instagram for Drug Dealers? Yes, it’s True.

Are your teens on Instagram? While the social media platform is mainly used as a way for people to connect with their friends by sharing pictures, it is now being used to further teen drug use as well.

How does an Instagram drug deal work?

Because the site allows users to remain anonymous, dealers have the freedom to upload actual pictures of drugs that they want to sell, and they are getting away with it. Is Your Teen Using Instagram to Buy a Gram?
If your teen wants to engage in teen drug use, getting in contact with these dealers really isn’t that difficult. Searchers can use hashtags (words preceded by the # symbol) to find other people who are posting pictures about things that they are interested in.

While some of the teen drug use hashtags that dealers use wouldn’t be guessed by people who don’t know what they are looking for, others are exactly the terms you would guess. Common hashtags include the names of the drugs themselves, such as #marijuana or #weed, as well as location-specific hashtags, including #houstonweed or #houstondank.

How can I stop my teen from making drug deals on social media?

What steps can you take to make sure that your kids are protected from teen drug use? First of all, be aware of what is going on. You may not want to expressly tell your children, however, on the off-chance that they haven’t yet figured out to look on Instagram.

If your children are generally good kids who show no warning signs of using drugs, then the basic drug talk might be enough. If they are showing warning signs of teen drug use, however, and you need to make more proactive measures, gaining access to their Instragram account is one step you may need to consider.

Teen Drug Testing in Kansas City

If you think your teen getting drugs — whether from social media or from other sources — Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City can provide teen drug testing services to confirm or deny your suspicions!

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