If Your Teen is Heading to a Summer Music Festival, Read This Now!

KC parents, be aware: with school out, teens have a lot of time on their hands, and they may be planning to road trip to one of the popular summer music festivals.

From Bonnaroo to Burning Man, there are many outdoor, days-long concerts that take place in the summer months throughout the US. Unfortunately, music isn’t the only thing drawing teens to these events: sometimes, it’s drug and alcohol use.

We’ve written about the dangers of drug use at summer music festivals before, but given the release of this disturbing new infographic that purports to show what drugs are most popular at several major summer music festivals, we felt it was time to revisit the dangers of drug use at summer festivals.

Here’s what parents should know!

Commonly Used Drugs on the Summer Music Festival Circuit

Although many different illegal drugs are consumed by summer music festival attendees, none is as popular as alcohol. Many concert goers drink to excess, which exacerbates the effects of other drugs. Moreover, alcohol contributes to the dehydration often experienced by people partying outdoors in the summer heat.

The drugs MDMA and ecstasy are also popular. MDMA, which may be referred to as Molly, is supposed to be a “safer” version of ecstasy. Unlike ecstasy, it is typically not mixed with drugs like LSD, ketamine or speed. Nonetheless, both substances are dangerous and responsible for the deaths of young people. Marijuana, cocaine and opioids are also frequently consumed by summer music festival attendees.

Be Aware of Dangerous Conditions

Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs may lead teens to engage in various forms of risky behavior. Use of these substances may make them more susceptible to various types of predators looking to take advantage of an unguarded younger person. Festival organizers make a bad situation worse by failing to provide adequate water and cooling stations. Many events do not have enough security personnel to provide protection.

Keeping Your Teen Safe This Summer

If your teen will be attending a festival, have a talk with them about how to stay safe and hydrated and about how drugs might ruin the experience.

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City can also provide some assistance to parents who want to ensure their children are making safe choices this summer. Our drug testing can be used to verify if individuals have used drugs within the past few days (urine) or even months (hair or nail).

To get started, contact Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City today at (816) 875-0464.


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