Teen Drug Addiction Treatment

When a teen is abusing substances, there are a number of consequences present above and beyond those that would be present for an adult. This is because of the unique, significant brain development that occurs during these years, not to mention the hormonal development which includes neurotransmitters, with are essential to healthy brain function and growth. Because of this, it’s important to recognize as early as possible when a teen is struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction, and to seek help as early as possible.

Teen drug addiction treatment incorporates treatment for a large number of different substances. Some of the most common substances teens abuse and/or become addicted to include, but are not limited to: marijuana abuse, spice abuse, salvia abuse, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol abuse. In increasing numbers, more teens in the United States are also developing addictions to prescription drugs as well.

Unfortunately, often teens may be exposed to substances that they know little to nothing about, especially regarding possible negative effects regarding the combination of substances. They may be introduced to the drug at a party or with friends, and told little more about the drug than its name and what the high is like. Additionally, several of the popular teen drugs available can sometimes be laced with other substances or chemicals, none of which would be known to the seller or buyer. The combination of these factors can cause dangerous situations of intoxication levels and/or overdose, even if the teens were initially seeking a relatively mild high.

Another common problem is teens may begin using a substance for a desired high, but not understand the negative effects the drug has on their brain’s development, and may underestimate their addiction as casual use. Because of this, teens may have a tendency to look at their drug use, abuse, or addiction as a social outlet, rather than the inhibitive, dangerous addiction that is. And the effects of all drugs increase significantly with continued use, which is why early detection and intervention is very important so that Teen Drug Addiction Treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Overall, there are a number of serious concerns related to teen drug addiction. For instance, a teen who becomes addicted to a substance before the age of 15 is significantly more likely to struggle with lifelong addiction; teens who develop addiction are likely to have serious, lasting developmental delays including academic, social, and physical detriments; and teens who are struggling with mental disorders or Co-Occurring disorders are more likely to turn to drug use, which can often lead to mis-diagnosis, and therefore, worsening symptoms of the given mental illness. For all of these reasons, Teen Drug Addiction Treatment needs to be implemented as soon as possible, in order for teens to develop properly and healthily and furthermore, live long happy lives.

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