Modern Teen Drug Use: Signs & Slang


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How Social Media Can Tell if Your Teen is Using Drugs

Social Media: A New Era for Teen Drug Use

Although social media websites were designed to encourage interaction, as a parent, it’s easy for social media to make you feel more disconnected from your teen than ever.

Social media sites are just one of the many concerns that should be on a parent’s radar. From being the victim of cyberbullying, to sharing inappropriate photos or videos, or even buying drugs online, teensocial media s can easily get into dangerous situations while using social media platforms.

As a parent, it’s important to keep open lines of communication between you and your teenager. Still, sometimes despite what you do, your teen may not be open and honest with you. If you are worried about your teen using drugs, their social media profiles may be one way to monitor their health and safety.

Using Social Media to See if Your Teen is Using Drugs


We have written before about teens using social media sites like Instagram to buy drugs. Instagram, which focuses on posting pictures, has become one of the most popular social media sites for teens. Many teens leave their profiles open to the public, meaning that you may be able to see what they are posting without “following” them. Here are some signs to watch for on Instagram that may point to drug use:

  • Posting pictures that show drug paraphernalia

  • Pictures at parties where there appears to be underage drinking or smoke-filled rooms

  • Use of hashtags, such as #420, which is a reference to the use of marijuana, or #pyrex, which is a reference to the use of glass pyrex dishes to make crack cocaine–not your grandmother’s vintage casserole dishes!


Facebook remains a popular social media site for teens and adults alike. As a more established site, you may already have access to your teen’s profile by being “friends” when them. If so, you can monitor what they post on their own and on their friends’ profiles, and what posts they are tagged in. Facebook might give you more information, because unlike Instagram, teens post more than just pictures. They post status updates, events, and they talk to their friends on this social media site. Look for the same types of pictures you’d monitor for on Instagram: drug paraphernalia, alcohol, and parties.


Twitter is another popular social media site for teens. Many celebrities use Twitter, which increases its popularity among teens. Like on Instagram, the use of hashtags to describe their posts is very common on Twitter. Look out for hashtags like #420 and #pyrex, as well as other slang references for drugs, including Crank (meth), Special K (ketamine), and Triple C or CCC (Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold).

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Summer Break is Here – Watch Your Kids for Signs of Drug Use

Summer’s in full swing! For many teens, this means days at the lake or the pool, afternoons at the mall, and nights with friends. But for some, break from school can also include drug use.

As parents, it’s your job to be vigilant about your teen’s drug use, especially during the summer when your kids are home from school and have more free time (and potentially less supervision).

Here are our tips for spotting signs of drug use in your teens this summer!

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