Is Your Teenager Using Meth?

Methamphetamine has been around for a while. It’s an extremely addictive drug known as speed, crank, glass, ice, or crystal, despite the fact that it never physically looks like the latter three terms. In fact, you never really know what can be in meth — there is the pseudoephedrine that is always present but it can contain random household chemicals (i.e. drain cleaner, battery acid, lye, lantern fuel, and antifreeze), dirt, and even animal feces.  Continue reading “Is Your Teenager Using Meth?” »

What Over-the-Counter Drugs are Contributing to Teen Drug Abuse?

Most parents would say their child’s health and wellbeing is their #1 concern. That’s why when children or teens have anxiety issues or difficulty sleeping, most parents will ask the child’s health care provider about treatment options.

It’s common for doctors to prescribe anti-anxiety and sleeping medications to address these issues — but a new study has found that though parents’ and physicians’ intentions are good, when these medications are provided to teens, their risk of illegal prescription drug abuse increases.

With the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration estimating prescription drug abuse among teens at 3%, these findings should concern any parent. Here’s what Kansas City parents should know about how these medications contribute to prescription drug abuse by teens.

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