Is Your Teenager Using Meth?

Methamphetamine has been around for a while. It’s an extremely addictive drug known as speed, crank, glass, ice, or crystal, despite the fact that it never physically looks like the latter three terms. In fact, you never really know what can be in meth — there is the pseudoephedrine that is always present but it can contain random household chemicals (i.e. drain cleaner, battery acid, lye, lantern fuel, and antifreeze), dirt, and even animal feces.  Continue reading “Is Your Teenager Using Meth?” »

How Substance Abuse Affects Judgment

stop teen drugs (1)People who have substance abuse problems often struggle with many physical and psychological issues. The drugs they take have a detrimental effect on their bodies, and it’s no surprise that many drugs can influence the user’s mood. However, many people don’t realize that substance abuse can have a fundamental effect on their ability to make judgments. A new study suggests that this may go beyond simply engaging in risky behavior while under the effects of drugs.

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Teens: Be Aware of How Marijuana Use Alters DNA & Increases Risk of Disease

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, affects DNA causing problems for future generations.

A new study conducted by The University of Western Australia discovered that the widely used illicit drug has serious negative health effects.

A reported 22.2 million people smoked marijuana in the month that the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) conducted its study.

Many of these users, particularly teens, are probably not aware of the dangerous effects of marijuana abuse.

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Trends in Teen Drug Use

As a parent, you may spend a lot of time worrying.

Worrying your child will stay safe.

Worrying your child will stay happy.

Worrying your child will stay healthy.

While there is no way to predict the future and quiet these fears, parents can be proactive about their teens’ wellness by being aware of teen drug use — including warning signs and current trends in usage.

The recently released results of a 2014 survey show promising signs relating to teen drug use. In some respects, the survey demonstrated a drop in overall teen drug use. Other aspects were more troubling, such as the greater perceived tolerance for marijuana. Much can be learned about teen drug use by highlighting the more significant findings, as we’ve done below!

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What Over-the-Counter Drugs are Contributing to Teen Drug Abuse?

Most parents would say their child’s health and wellbeing is their #1 concern. That’s why when children or teens have anxiety issues or difficulty sleeping, most parents will ask the child’s health care provider about treatment options.

It’s common for doctors to prescribe anti-anxiety and sleeping medications to address these issues — but a new study has found that though parents’ and physicians’ intentions are good, when these medications are provided to teens, their risk of illegal prescription drug abuse increases.

With the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration estimating prescription drug abuse among teens at 3%, these findings should concern any parent. Here’s what Kansas City parents should know about how these medications contribute to prescription drug abuse by teens.

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What to Do if You Think You’ve Been the Victim of Date Rape Drugs

Four undergraduates from the University of North Carolina recently made news for developing a new way to see if a drink has been adulterated by date rape drugs: nail polish that changes color when dipped into a tainted drink.

While many have celebrated this innovation for its potential applications, others have pointed out that like past mobile tests for date rape drugs, such as coasters, the nail polish will probably prove to be not as effective or accurate as laboratory testing. In some cases, non-lab based test for date rape drugs have been too sensitive (testing positive when exposed to cow’s milk), and in other cases, they haven’t been sensitive enough (only detecting date rape drug GHB 2/3 of the time). It remains to be seen how effective the nail polish will be at detecting date rape drugs.

Unfortunately, no matter what precautions a parent or teenager takes, sexual assault is all too common in the United States.

If you think you have been the victim of a sexual assault aided by date rape drugs — or if you know someone who does — you need to know the proper steps to take next.

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Why Your School Needs Athletic Testing for Steroids

According to a report by the Mayo Clinic, as many as 1 in 20 teens use steroids to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance. Recent research by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids reveals that 11% of high school students have used steroids, up from 5% in 2012.

As these statistics show, if you think that your school does not need random steroid testing, you may be mistaken. Steroid testing not only helps end teen steroid use, but also helps prevent teens from trying steroids in the first place.

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Parents: Would You Recognize This Drug Paraphernalia?

It is important for parents to know what various types of drug paraphernalia look like so that if you encounter them in your kid’s room, you’ll know what you’re seeing. Everyone knows what marijuana pipes and bongs look like, but could you recognize the every day objects that drug users hack to help them use?

Today, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City will give parents some tips about everyday objects that can double as drug paraphernalia.

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Drugged Teen Drivers: A Growing Threat

Drunk drivers are not the only risk on the road. There has been a significant uptick in drugged drivers causing fatal accidents, and many of these drivers are testing positive for prescription drugs.

To complicate the issue further, the rate of prescription drug abuse among teens is rising, with 14.8% of high school seniors reporting that they used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes.

The combination of inexperienced drivers and prescription drug use could prove to be deadly. Here’s what you need to know about this disturbing trend.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Announces Recommendations for Teen Drug Testing

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released a policy statement that offered new guidelines regarding drug testing in teens. Of course, parents never want to have to think about testing their teens for drugs, but the teenage years are a common time for experimentation, including experimenting with drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Therefore, there are some situations that call for teen drug testing. However, before revealing those reasons, understanding how each test is best utilized is wise.

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