Modern Teen Drug Use: Signs & Slang


You are never going to know every term for drugs or recognize all of the signs of abuse, but it is important as a parent or guardian that you stay as up-to-date as you can. Parents: this is important information, keep reading. Continue reading “Modern Teen Drug Use: Signs & Slang” »

Help Keep Your Kids From Using Drugs & Alcohol Over Spring Break

You can’t watch your kids every second of every day, but for the most part, school and other activities keep them out of trouble. However, if you are a parent who works and cannot be around to supervise during your child’s Spring Break, then there are some things that need to be considered. Continue reading “Help Keep Your Kids From Using Drugs & Alcohol Over Spring Break” »

Supporting Your Teen After Drug Treatment



According to the CDC, 50-90 percent of drug abusers will relapse in the first four years of being clean. Parents need to understand how to go about supporting their adolescent after they come home from a drug treatment program. Continue reading “Supporting Your Teen After Drug Treatment” »

Teens’ Mental Health Factors in Drug Abuse & STD Risks


Scientists are exploring the intersection between mental illness, drug abuse and the transmission of STDs. It’s difficult to say where such problems begin or which one arises first. Each case is unique, and recovery may depend upon concurrently treating STDs, mental illness and drug abuse. Continue reading “Teens’ Mental Health Factors in Drug Abuse & STD Risks” »

Student Athletes Moving from Painkillers to Heroin

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Most parents of student athletes are focused on their teen’s performance and enjoyment of the sports they’re involved in. Their main concerns are the number of touchdowns scored and college scholarships offered.

But when parents and student athletes get hyper-focused on performance, stress and injuries can contribute to a dangerous habit that destroys changes of major league success: addiction.

Sports Illustrated recently profiled one student athlete’s drug abuse that began with prescription painkillers and spiraled into heroin addiction. Here are the details KC parents should pay attention to.

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Being “Cool” Can Have Long-Term Negative Consequences, Say Psychologists

Being a teenager is tough. From popularity and peer pressure to puberty and college prep, there are a number of stressful situations to navigate. It’s no surprise, then, that many teens turn to drug or alcohol abuse as a way to cope with these stressors or to “fit in.”
New research is suggesting that the “cool” behaviors many teens engage in due to peer pressure — including drinking and drug use — can end up having negative long-term effects far beyond graduation.

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What Over-the-Counter Drugs are Contributing to Teen Drug Abuse?

Most parents would say their child’s health and wellbeing is their #1 concern. That’s why when children or teens have anxiety issues or difficulty sleeping, most parents will ask the child’s health care provider about treatment options.

It’s common for doctors to prescribe anti-anxiety and sleeping medications to address these issues — but a new study has found that though parents’ and physicians’ intentions are good, when these medications are provided to teens, their risk of illegal prescription drug abuse increases.

With the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration estimating prescription drug abuse among teens at 3%, these findings should concern any parent. Here’s what Kansas City parents should know about how these medications contribute to prescription drug abuse by teens.

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Why Teens Turn to Drug Abuse

It’ s easy for parents to grow frustrated and blame themselves when it comes to teen drug abuse. As a guardian for your child, you are tasked with teaching them what’s healthy and what’s harmful.

Of course, any parent of a teen knows that rebellion happens — and even if you’ve done your best to educate your kids on the dangers of drugs, they still might experiment. Experimentation can spiral out of control into drug abuse.

Why are today’s teens so at-risk for drug abuse? We’re exploring some factors that contribute to substance use among this generation.

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Summer Break is Here – Watch Your Kids for Signs of Drug Use

Summer’s in full swing! For many teens, this means days at the lake or the pool, afternoons at the mall, and nights with friends. But for some, break from school can also include drug use.

As parents, it’s your job to be vigilant about your teen’s drug use, especially during the summer when your kids are home from school and have more free time (and potentially less supervision).

Here are our tips for spotting signs of drug use in your teens this summer!

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Parents, Do You Know How to Dispose of Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise nationwide, and many communities, public health officials, and parents are expressing concern over the increase.

As a parent, it’s your job to monitor your child to make sure that they’re not turning to prescription drug abuse to get high. One of the best ways you can do this is by properly disposing of your prescription drugs.

Here’s the how-to on getting rid of your outdated or unwanted medications in a safe way.

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