Drug Abuse, Risky Sexual Behavior & STDs

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Behaviors Linked to Binge Drinking in College Students

Sometimes it seems as though binge drinking and college go hand-in-hand. Little scientific research has been done regarding the subject. However, Florida Atlantic University recently conducted a study aimed at discovering what behavior shows a tendency toward binge drinking.

The results are interesting, and may help parents be better prepared to provide guidance to college students.

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When is Your Teen Ready to be Home Alone?

At some point, all parents are confronted with the question of whether or not their teen is ready to be left at home alone.

While some adults might think that good grades are an indicator that their child is ready to be more independent, there are actually other things to consider. That’s because being home alone is often a precursor to engaging in risky behavior.

If you’re considering whether your teen is ready to stay at home unsupervised, be sure you consider the following factors.

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How Teens’ Alcohol Use Affects Academics 

Parents would prefer it if their teens completely avoided alcohol and drugs. These habits are associated with poor decision-making and risky behavior.

However, risks to health and safety aren’t the only outcome of teen substance abuse. Recent studies indicate that teen alcohol use negatively impacts academic performance.

Here’s what parents of teens should know about the correlation between grades and alcohol use.

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Adolescent Alcohol Use & Chronic Stress

Adolescent alcohol use and chronic stress go hand in hand. That’s what researchers at Binghamton University discovered during one of their recent studies. The National Institute of Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse funded the research headed by Linda Spear, a psychologist at the University. What she found while testing on rats was alarming.

Read on to find out the connection between stress and alcohol use for adolescents!

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What Drug Abuse Does to a Teen’s Brain

Drug Abuse Teen Brain

Since the brain continues to develop throughout a person’s twenties, it’s important to understand what that means for drug abuse and alcohol abuse in teenagers. Through the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study, experts are able to determine how substance abuse affects a young man or young woman’s development.

This study aims to find similarities in brain functioning among substance abusers so researchers are able to formulate a plan that discourages and reduces risky behavior in teenagers.

Here’s what parents should know about the researchers’ findings thus far.

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Being “Cool” Can Have Long-Term Negative Consequences, Say Psychologists

Being a teenager is tough. From popularity and peer pressure to puberty and college prep, there are a number of stressful situations to navigate. It’s no surprise, then, that many teens turn to drug or alcohol abuse as a way to cope with these stressors or to “fit in.”
New research is suggesting that the “cool” behaviors many teens engage in due to peer pressure — including drinking and drug use — can end up having negative long-term effects far beyond graduation.

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