Stop Kansas City Drug Use!

We’re delighted to announce the Grand Opening of our drug testing facility in Kansas City, MO! (Actually – it’s Overland Park, KS – but we’re all friends.) We’re joining with the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce and will be serving coffee, juice and bagels on Thurs. Nov. 17 at 8:30am.


Drug testing facility just off Metcalf!

We’ve recently moved into our home in Kansas City, and by the looks of some of Kansas City’s latest headlines, it looks like the perfect timing:

Plus, some of the statistics from this 2010 Johnson County Report on Substance Abuse are absolutely startling. According to this study, the average age most students in 6-12 grade first smoked marijuana in Johnson County, KS was 14. Also reported is the statistic that students were (on an average) 13 when they first tried alcohol.

Headlines covering the news about drugs & alcohol-related crimes, and the statistics on drug use in Kansas City were part of the reason we opened in Overland Park. As the largest drug & alcohol testing franchise in the nation, we strive to keep Kansas City “clean” and healthy.

In Addition to Drug Testing…

While we’re experts in testing for drugs & alcohol (traditional 5-panels and synthetics), we also can perform any other test required by a laboratory. We’re able to run any type of lab work, yet require neither co-pays nor prescriptions from a physician. Some of the most popular tests we do include:

We offer an array of services to meet the needs of any customer or business who needs walk-in or on-site lab work. Our friendly staff and convenient location (we’re just off Metcalf) make us a preferred choice for customers who require lab work.

We hope to see you at our Grand Opening! If you can’t make it, feel free to walk in our Overland Park lab anytime!

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