Signs your Teenager Might be Using Drugs

You’ve noticed your teen’s behavior has changed, and their appearance seems to be changing quickly too. The kids coming around the house act stand-off-ish and there’s something secretive going on. As parents, it’s important to know the signs to look for when it comes to teenage drug use.


Know the Signs of Teenage Drug Use

The Signs of Teenage Drug Use

Just like the effects of alcohol may differ between each person, know that each teenager using drugs will display an behaviors unique to them. Also, depending on tolerance, some teens may display all of the signs while others only one or two. While there are many signs to look for, it’s also important that parents “go with their gut” and begin asking questions and seeking help when suspicions about drug use begin.

Signs your Teen may be using Depressants

Teens experimenting with depressants may be involved with alcohol or other prescription medications. Some common depressants include barbiturates and tranquilizers. Some signs that your teen may be using depressants include disorientation, droopy eyes, drowsiness, drunk-like behavior, slow reactions, slurred speech and a lack of coordination.

Signs your Teen may be using Stimulants

Stimulants are also considered “uppers” and often come in the form of prescription medication. Some stimulants include cocaine and meth. Signs that your teen may be using stimulants include anxiety, body tremors, dry mouth, exaggerated reflexes, excitability, grinding teeth, eyelid tremors, increased alertness, insomnia, irritability, redness near the nasal area, restlessness, and a runny nose.

Signs your Teen may be using Hallucinogens

Teens using hallucinogens like LSD and others experience long, intense “trips” when using these drugs. Typically teens using these drugs will be in a meditative, dreamy state. Some other signs of hallucinogen use include body tremors, a dazed appearance, difficulty with speech, disorientation, flashbacks, memory loss, nausea, paranoia, perspiration, poor perception of time and distance and a lack of coordination.

Signs your Teen may be using Dissociative Anesthetics

Dissociative anesthetics are like PCP and may be smoked, oral, injected and even used as eye drops. Signs your teen may be on these drugs include: blank stares, chemical-type odor, cyclic behavior, difficulty with speech, disorientation, incomplete verbal responses, an increased pain threshold, non-communicative, perspiring, possibly violent, sensory distortions and slow or slurred speech.

Signs your Teen may be using Narcotic Analgesics

Opiods (like heroin and methadone) are used in several prescription medications, but misused to create a euphoric state of mind. If your teen is using opiates, you might notice constricted pupils, depressed reflexes, drowsiness, droopy eyelids, dry mouth, euphoria, facial itching, nausea, puncture marks, slow, raspy speech and slowed breathing. Please note that some teens who are very tolerant of the drug may not show many signs of impairment.

Signs your Teen may be using Inhalants

Inhalants (typically gasses) are dangers, to the point that an overdose can lead to a coma. If you’re teen is on inhalants, you might see the following drug signs: bloodshot watery eyes, confusion, disorientation, flushed face, intense headaches, lack of muscle control, non-communicative, odor of some drug substance, possible nausea, residue of substance, slow slurred speech. Also know that anesthetic gases cause low pressure and volatile solvents and aerosols cause high blood pressure.

Signs your Teen may be using Marijuana (Cannabis)

The most common cannabis among teens is marijuana use. While it may not always be obvious, some teens display the following symptoms if they’ve been using marijuana: body tremors, disorientation, debris in the mouth, eyelid tremors, impaired perception of time and distance, increased appetite, reddening of the eyes, possible paranoia, relaxed inhibitions and an gives off an odor.

If you suspect your teen may be using drugs, consider having them drug tested. Contact us for teenage drug testing if you’re in the Kansas City area.

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