The Scary Gender Disparity Associated with Opioid Abuse

A recent study found that women run a higher risk of having certain traits that lead to opioid overdose, such as depression, anxiety, and other factors. These factors demonstrate to researchers that while women are not necessarily more susceptible to drug overdose for other reasons, there are more stressors associated with women that could lead to opioid overdose. If you notice some of these traits in your teen daughter, contact Test Smartly Labs immediately to schedule a drug test for your teen.

Opioid Overdose & Gender

Researchers conducted a study where they examined young adults who have misused opioids. The study found that women have a higher rate of overdose for women than for men. The overall rate is 47% for women and 42% for men. In the last decade or so, fatalities from opioid overdose have risen 415% for women while it rose just 265% for men.

These gender disparities are just growing as time goes on, and scientists believe that a contributing factor may be preexisting conditions. Women have significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, and sexual trauma than men. To put this in perspective, 84% of women have a history of anxiety while 62% of men have a history. These numbers are not comforting, but the high statistic for women is especially troubling.

A Surprising Paradox

The study also found that, while women run higher risks of overdose due to mental issues, women aren’t abusing at a higher rate than men. In fact, there are many similarities between male and female drug abusers as to when they begin using and how many doctors they went to obtain their drugs.

However, women are also more likely to have support systems or great resiliency than their male counterparts. These factors could stave off opioid overdose risk and keep women from overdosing. The paradox is that, while women may have a higher risk in some cases, they may also have more of a chance of avoiding overdose because of these mitigating factors.

Getting Help for Opioid Abuse

Scientists are using these numbers to start pulling together a plan to help women avoid opioid overdose. Mental health and sexual trauma are some of the prevailing causes of overdose. Doctors are learning to screen for these issues before someone overdoses in order to prevent a tragedy before it strikes.

There are many struggles that come with suspecting your son or daughter is using drugs illegally. There are a number of hotlines available to help you and your loved ones formulate an action plan that is healthy for the whole family. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids offers a helpline that helps caregivers cope with the struggle of dealing with a teen that is abusing.

If you’re not sure whether or not your teen is involved with illegal drugs, make an appointment with Test Smartly Labs today. We have comprehensive tests, random testing programs, and even reasonable suspicion tests that will let you know for sure whether or not your kid is using drugs.


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