Safe Spring Break Alternatives For Teens

Spring break is generally just a time for teens to hang out at home for a week and treasure their time not sitting in class. Whether they decide to go on a road trip, play video games, or just watch movies, your teen could be tempted to party at a friend’s house where alcohol and other drugs are present.

Keep Your Teen Out of Trouble During Spring Break

Parents and guardians should understand the importance of keeping teens safe during this week when they are at higher risk to experiment with alcohol, and engage in other risky behaviors while under the influence.

Spring Break Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Free time, often unsupervised, can result in teens doing a lot of stupid things. Spring break has the highest number of alcohol-related injuries and deaths than any other time of year, including New Year’s Eve. Many high school seniors and college students are the most at-risk because there is usually a trip away from home planned around partying with drugs and alcohol.

Encourage a Healthy School Break

Parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, and community members need to encourage youth to stay safe during spring break.

  • Encourage your kids to stay busy with positive activities;
  • Plan family activities, such as a trip to the zoo, amusement park, nature park, or museum. A great way to make a safe, lasting memory;
  • Offer your teen extra pocket money for doing chores while you’re at work. This way they have a constructive outlet and don’t have to beg you for money to see a movie or buy a game;
  • Help your student make a list of tasks to accomplish, such as college applications, upcoming school projects, or extra sports training;
  • Set them up with a part-time job interview, volunteer work, pet or babysitting gigs;
  • Encourage them to work on art, writing, or other passions they might not have time for during the school week.

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