Prescription Drug Parties and Overdoses


We all know drugs are bad for you; typically a student will be taught about the dangers of illegal drugs and alcohol from about age 11. Sadly, most of the warnings are about hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, not prescription pain medications.

Pharmaceutical Parties

“Pharm Parties” are definitely not a new phenomenon, but they aren’t something that is widely discussed. A stockpile of any kind of drugs that can be taken from medicine cabinets are put in a bowl or candy dish and eaten by the random handful. This “trail mix” is often washed down with lots of alcohol, creating a deadly cocktail.

Dangers of Prescription Painkillers

There was a 375 percent rise in opiate overdoses from 1999 to 2014. Painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone are potentially very addictive and expensive. There is a high chance that teens who become addicted to prescriptions will start using street opiates like heroin because they’re cheaper and easier to get.

How You Can Die from Overdosing

  • Alcohol: Choking on vomit, injuries from falling or driving
  • Opiates: Respiratory depression
  • Stimulants: heart attack, seizures
  • MDMA: Hyponatremia (drinking too much water causes brain to swell)

These are only common drugs. Any combination, especially from drugs that are impure or the effects are unknown, can lead to death. Take a look at this article for more on drug overdoses explained by an ER doctor.

The death toll for teens and young adults has quadrupled in Kansas and tripled in Missouri, prescription painkillers were responsible for more than half of all overdoses in 2013. The rapid overdoses and overdose death rates, the relative ease at which they can be acquired and insidious nature of the prescription drugs are a terrifying combination.

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