PCP is Making a Comeback: What Parents Should Know

Phencyclidine, more commonly referred to as PCP, started its history as a general medical anesthetic through the 1950’s. Unfortunately, the drug took on a more illicit role, with abuse of the PCP really taking hold in the 60’s and 70’s.

The drug eventually fell out of favor, with drug testing trends showing an increase in substances like opiates and methamphetamine. However, the drug is now making a serious comeback throughout the nation — including Kansas City — and parents need to be aware.

The 411 on PCP

The Return

PCP use can be seen in news headlines filled with unexplained, erratic public behavior, such as running naked down the street, running into traffic, or episodes of violence. Headlines increase as new shipments of PCP enter towns across the U.S., and hospital drug testing continues to track its arrival.

While drug testing and treatment program statistics still show PCP as less popular than other drugs, even small numbers can cause serious safety issues for you and your child.

Dangers of PCP Use

When a patient scores positive during PCP drug testing, medical professionals know to take extra precautions. Phencyclidine is a synthetic dissociative medication with hallucinogenic properties. This dangerous mix not only detaches the user from their environment, but can cause severe hallucinations. This leaves the user unaware of their physical limitations and surrounding dangers and makes them numb to pain.

While users react differently based on their psychological state and personality, it’s not uncommon for them to become combative, paranoid and violent. Sadly, drug testing of both new and long-term PCP users shows a host of other potential side effects, ranging from impaired motor skills and increased heart rate, to coma and death in the case of an overdose.

While drug testing positive for any illicit substance can have serious side effects, PCP in particular can amplify existing mental health issues. PCP not only puts the public at risk, but the potential for bizarre and violent behaviors makes the drug something parents need to stay aware of as the age of drug use continues to decrease.

Make Sure You Know What Your Teen is Up To

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