Why Be Concerned About Spice?

Dangerous Chemical Additives

Drug manufacturers are able to get around the July 2012 federal ban of synthetic marijuana by changing the chemicals used in creating the drug. There are over 200 Spice variants in existence today, all made with various undisclosed chemical additives. Since the drug is unregulated, there are many health concerns surrounding it.

Reactions to SpiceTeen Drug

Because there are so many variants of spice, the effects of taking the drug vary widely, too. Adverse reactions can range from hallucinations and heart palpitations to psychotic behavior, kidney damage, heart attack, and even death. In 2010 alone, over 11,000 emergency room visits involved Spice use — 75% of them involving patients 12 to 29.

Growing Popularity

According to one 2013 study, among high school seniors, Spice is the second most popular drug, only behind marijuana. The same research found 8.8% of 10th graders and 4.4% of 8th graders had used synthetic marijuana.

The drug’s growing popularity isn’t surprising given its accessibility, affordability, and the false advertising that it is safer than marijuana.

Protecting Your Teen From Spice Use

Parents who are concerned about their teens using spice should be sure to talk about the dangers of the drug and take a clear stance against its use. This initial conversation isn’t the only time to talk about spice, though: you need to check in with your teen regularly to make sure they’re not falling in with the wrong crowd.

If you notice any signs of drug use in your teen, it’s also a good idea to pursue drug testing. A quick, painless test can reveal if your teen has used synthetic drugs or other common drugs of abuse. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City makes it easy for parents to have their teens tested, requiring no appointment!

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