Parents: Would You Recognize This Drug Paraphernalia?

It is important for parents to know what various types of drug paraphernalia look like so that if you encounter them in your kid’s room, you’ll know what you’re seeing. Everyone knows what marijuana pipes and bongs look like, but could you recognize the every day objects that drug users hack to help them use?

Today, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City will give parents some tips about everyday objects that can double as drug paraphernalia.

Drug Paraphernalia and Everyday Objects

Everyday objects as drug paraphernalia

What should parents watch for?

Electronic Scales. Commonly used by dieters or for determining the amount of postage necessary, electronic scales are commonly used by drug users to help them to weigh out drugs. If you find one in your teen’s possession, this should act as a warning flag for potential drug use.

Tube Socks. Many parents are shocked to discover that the innocent seeming tube sock can be drug paraphernalia. Tube socks are often utilized to huff paint. When tube socks are used as paraphernalia, the user empties an entire can of spray paint into the sock and huffs the fumes out of it. While these are fairly common household items, be on guard if you find them and your teen doesn’t wear them or if he has purchased them for himself when he doesn’t usually buy items like this.

Rose in a Glass Tube. At first glance, the glass tube with the small decorative rose inside seems like just another gas station trinket. But smart parents know that this product primarily functions as a glass pipe. It is usually used to smoke crack, but it can also be used to smoke methamphetamine or heroin.

Baggies. If you notice an unusual number of small baggies in your teen’s possession, be cautious. Many drug users store their substances in plastic or glassine bags. The presence of many bags could indicate that your teen is involved in the drug distribution process.

Crushed Soda Cans. Crushed soda cans are often used as a makeshift pipe for smoking weed, crack, or meth. It’s pretty normal to see a soda can in a teen’s room, but if it is crushed and has ashes or evidence of being burned, this should be a red flag to parents that it has been used as a temporary pipe. You could also inspect a crushed soda can for a suspicious odor to help you determine if it has been used as drug paraphernalia.

Confidential Testing for Teen Drug Use at Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City

If you’ve noticed that any of these common objects is being used in a suspicious way, drug testing your teen is an option. In the mean time, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City offers walk-in drug testing services, and we are experienced at teen drug testing.

Contact us today or call (816) 875-0464 to learn more about our drug testing in Kansas City.


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