Parents, Know Drug Lingo

Learn-the-slang-lingo-for-drugsIn today’s world it is hard to keep up with the kids. And we are not just talking about their activities.

The jokes they tell. Movies they watch. Songs they listen to – it can be foreign to parents who are also busy – and born a few decades ago.

So keeping up with the drug lingo and “slang” is a beast in itself. Let us help you today.

Teen drug slang words

As much as some kids like to think they get away with using drugs, prove to them that they are wrong.

Learn the drug slang and the lingo teens use to refer to illegal substances or substance abuse.

Here is a quick guide to a few substances abused by teens (reference:  Teen Drug Slang)

  • ADHD medication (ritalin):  Kibbles and Bits or Pineapple. (Yes – kids abuse this.)

  • Heroin:  antifreeze, Big H, brown sugar, dope, golden girls, H, horse, junk, poison, and smack.

  • Cocaine:  Charlie, flake, freebase, lady, powder and snow.

  • The abuse of cough syrup (Robitussin):  dexing, robotripping or robodosing. (Yep, we’re serious.)

  • Ecstasy:  Adam, E, bean, clarity, essence, lovers speed, MDMA, roll or X.

Keep talking to your teens

You probably already realize that as a parent, you don’t only need to know the lingo. You need to know how to talk to your kids, too.

Sorry – this parenting job is a tough gig!

But our teens need good communication with parents. Surviving the teen years is tough. Having a parent who is open and willing to talk about issues makes it a little easier.

Because if you aren’t there – the drugs will be.

Testing your teen for drugs

If you suspect your teen is using drugs and cannot find a way to open the door of conversation – you might need to resort to drug testing.

Especially if they use some of the slang terms listed above, thinking you are clueless to their activities.

No matter what they call it – our drug tests can detect it.

If you’re in the Kansas City area and need some help, please – contact any of our three Kansas City Test Smartly Labs locations.

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