Fentanyl: A Big Part of the Opiate Epidemic

Fentanyl is an opioid that is up to 50 times more potent than heroin, just 2 milligrams of powdered fentanyl can be deadly. Last year, authorities seized at least 668 kilograms of fentanyl — that’s enough to kill every American. Continue reading “Fentanyl: A Big Part of the Opiate Epidemic” »

Teen Athletes at High Risk For Developing Opiate Addiction

Parents of teen athletes are typically focused on their child’s performance and fun-level in their chosen sports. They want to see their teens excel towards winning games and matches as well as catching the eye of scouts and earning scholarships. However, stress and injuries go hand in hand with both athletics and addiction. Painkillers are a highly expensive addiction and it’s only a matter of time before the students move on to a much cheaper opioid — heroin. Continue reading “Teen Athletes at High Risk For Developing Opiate Addiction” »

Help Keep Your Kids From Using Drugs & Alcohol Over Spring Break

You can’t watch your kids every second of every day, but for the most part, school and other activities keep them out of trouble. However, if you are a parent who works and cannot be around to supervise during your child’s Spring Break, then there are some things that need to be considered. Continue reading “Help Keep Your Kids From Using Drugs & Alcohol Over Spring Break” »

A New Approach to Preventing Continued Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse has been a difficult problem to prevent for a while. Drug abuse in adolescence often results to a continued dependency in adulthood. New research from a long-term study done by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggests that programs geared towards improved impulse control are the best method to prevent teen substance abuse. Continue reading “A New Approach to Preventing Continued Drug Abuse” »

Social Media’s Heavy-Handed Influence on Teen Drug Abuse

Snapchat and Instagram were named the most important social media apps by teens, followed closely by Facebook. Teens want to impress their friends, as well as strangers, online through social media by looking like they have a more exciting life. Social media just might be the most powerful, albeit inadvertent, form of peer pressure yet. Continue reading “Social Media’s Heavy-Handed Influence on Teen Drug Abuse” »

How Iceland Curbed Teen Substance Abuse

Twenty years ago, Icelandic teenagers were some of the heaviest drinking kids in Europe. People were even afraid to walk down the streets of Reykjavik on a weekend because “There were hordes of teenagers getting in-your-face drunk.” Now, the streets are all but abandon because Iceland figured out how to help their youth population. Continue reading “How Iceland Curbed Teen Substance Abuse” »

The Consequences of Adolescent Drug Abuse


The age of adolescence, between 13-18, when a person will undergo physiological and psychological changes is an extraordinarily important time. A time to explore new ideas, beliefs and develop unique personalities but, sometimes, this branching out from a comfort zone can lead to risky new territories. Experimentation gone too far can wreak havoc on a brain that is still in development. Continue reading “The Consequences of Adolescent Drug Abuse” »

Steroid Abuse in Teen Athletes


It can be tempting for teens to want to try performance-enhancing drugs, it’s certainly the quickest way to get the strength and performance they seek. However, they come at a high cost, not just price-wise but to health and personal relationships as well. So why do 1 in 20 teenagers report using steroids to increase muscle mass? Continue reading “Steroid Abuse in Teen Athletes” »

A Guide for Parents: Preventing Alcohol Use During the Holidays


On an average day in June, July and December, over 11,000 teens will use alcohol for the first time. This is about double the amount in other months. One thing these months have in common is that these are school-free vacation times. If you have teenagers, you might be worried about leaving them home alone while you are at work, out shopping or a party at night. Whether your child has had drug and alcohol trouble before or not, you want to make sure they are safe when you’re away. Continue reading “A Guide for Parents: Preventing Alcohol Use During the Holidays” »

How New Marijuana Legalizations Affect Teen Drug Use


Recently new laws legalizing recreational marijuana use in Nevada, California and Massachusetts were put into action. Altogether 28 states and D.C. have some sort of legalized marijuana laws on the books. Only a small amount of the states have legalized for recreational use, most of them have only decriminalized possession of small amounts or growing a few cannabis plants. So the question now has to be asked, is it easier for teenagers to get marijuana and will the numbers of teens smoking marijuana rise? Continue reading “How New Marijuana Legalizations Affect Teen Drug Use” »