Olympic Parenting Tips – Part 2

Last week we discussed some Olympic Parenting Tips thanks to this year’s London Games. We covered lessons to learn from Missy Franklin (swimmer who won four gold medals) and Nicholas Delpopolo (judo athlete who got kicked out because of positive drug test.) Today we continue with a few more athletes:

Bryshon Nellum: Don’t give up.

You might assume this U.S. runner is another individual who won gold because of hard work and determination. However that’s not the case for this outstanding athlete who brought home a silver medal after the London Games and was given the role of U.S. flag bearer during the Closing Ceremonies. A little less than four years ago, Bryshon was shot in the legs (an accidental gang-related crime.) As a runner, this didn’t only put his life in jeopardy but his career as well. However, he didn’t give up and kept on pushing through grueling therapies to get back on his feet and keep on running. And it paid off. His determination got him a medal to bring back home after the Olympic Games. When life gets hard and we think all odds are up against us, remember this amazing athlete. He certainly just showed the world nothing is impossible.

Read how the Bleach Report tells Bryshon Nellum’s story.

LoLo Jones : You’re not guaranteed anything in life.

If you’re looking for drama in the Olympic Games, search for information about LoLo Jones. What’s coming out of London for LoLo aren’t Olympic medals hanging around this hurdler’s neck; she instead faces controversy surrounding her image, her story and her performances. LoLo headed into the games with a lot of media attention and endorsements. (Anyone seen the McDonalds commercials?) However, she left the Games empty-handed, with an image and reputation to firm up thanks to the New York Times. LoLo’s story shows us that no matter how hard we work, what we did in the past, or how popular we become, we’re never guaranteed anything. Certainly not Olympic gold.

Read the Times article about LoLo Jones.

michael-phelps-parenting-tipsMichael Phelps: Even if you’ve made mistakes, you can get back on track.

We cannot forget Michael Phelps, who’s being touted one of the greatest Olympians of all times, and the great example he sets. While his accomplishments certainly are to be applauded, one thing we want to also applaud is his commitment to get back on track, even when mistakes have been made. After the last Summer Games, the photograph of Phelps with a bong was released and the scandal broke. Phelps lost several endorsements and was suspended from swimming. However after his suspension ended, Phelps got back on track. He showed the world that his former mistakes were behind him. He passed every drug test through the London Games and went on to win even more medals. Phelps’ example is great for teens who may have “tried it once” or “even a few times” … no matter what you chose to do in the past, make the decision today to move forward and stay clean. Your future depends on it.

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