New Dangerous Fad in Drinking

The term “drunkorexia” has been floating around for years now. It refers to teens and college students who restrict food intake before a night of binge drinking. “Saving” calories for alcohol can be extremely dangerous, and now there is a new way drinkers are finding a way to help keep weight off while still feeling the full effects (and more) of alcohol. Smoking alcohol is a disturbing new and very dangerous trend being promoted as a good alternative to those who are dieting.

teen alcohol useSmoking/Inhaling Alcohol

The combination of dry ice and liquor create alcoholic vapors. By pouring the alcohol over dry ice, users are able to inhale the fumes that are produced. Users say it gives them the full effect of chugging a beverage without any calories or sugars. Another product called the Vaportini is being marketed in which users heat alcohol in a glass ball and inhale the vapors through a straw. Both methods are very dangerous because users don’t know how much alcohol they are really consuming since the liquor stays in the container.


By smoking alcohol, the vapors go directly to your lungs rather than passing through the stomach and liver. The liver metabolizes liquor and makes it less potent. By circumventing these organs and entering the bloodstream directly from the lungs, the consequences could be deadly. Vomiting is a common bodily reaction to rid the body of toxins when you’ve had too much to drink and is a sign of alcohol poisoning. However, when alcohol enters the body directly into the bloodstream, users feel the effects much more quickly and intensely. The body is then unable to expel excess alcohol, leaving everyone unaware of alcohol poisoning.

This growing trend is just one of many new ways people are abusing alcohol. Take a look at our previous blog post to educate yourself on more creative ways teens and others are getting high and drunk. Be aware of the negative effects alcohol and drugs can have on your body, and let Test Smartly Labs help point you in the right direction if you’re struggling with addiction.


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