Myths About Molly: Truths About the Drug

Ecstasy is back with a new name

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The drug called “molly” is not new. The term molly has been popping up in songs and talked about by celebrities lately, but the drug is not a new substance. Molly refers to ecstasy, the drug popularized by clubbers for decades.

Recent deaths at concerts have been connected to the drug. Since there seems to be some confusion surrounding the drug that’s being blasted through pop culture right now, let’s take a minute to point out the myths and identify the true facts about molly.

Myths about Street Drug Molly

1) Molly is a new drug

Molly is simply a new name for Ecstasy, or MDMA. Top songs by Kanye West and Miley Cyrus talk about molly. This drug produces a feeling of euphoria, bonding and social closeness. It’s popular among club-goers and partiers.

2) Drinking water makes molly safer

Drinking additional water with molly does not make the drug safe. Staying hydrated may reduce a user’s risk of heat stroke, but it may also cause an electrolyte imbalance which can result in death.

3) Molly is safer than other drugs since it is purer

This common belief doesn’t hold true. The drug is not more pure than any other street drug. MDMA raises body temperature, creating extremely dangerous health risks. When taking Molly, you can’t be sure of what is in the drug. There may be virtually no active drug, or an amount that causes overdose.

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