METH – What All Parents Should Know

Thanks to the up-and-down weather of Kansas City this year, sinus congestion is all the rage. And so what did I do the other day when I felt sinus pressure coming on? I hit my local pharmacy to buy an over-the-counter drug that would make me feel better in no time. However, I was taken aback that I had to visit the pharmacy counter to even get the drug, and then once I got it, I had to show my driver’s license and then sign a statement that I wouldn’t use the drug for purposes other than feeling better. And that’s when I started to realize the huge problem we have on our hands.


Meth is easily made and considered "safer" than cocaine by many teens.

Teens Making Drugs from Over-The-Counter Drugs

Meth isn’t really anything new. It’s a very addictive drug also known as speed, chalk or crystal that has taken the country by storm. Some have even said that more are using meth than marijuana these days. And from the statistics of reported meth lab seizures, it looks like that could at least be true for the state of Missouri.

Meth is a drug that affects the central nervous system. It’s been prescribed in small doses to those with ADHD and narcolepsy. However, many have taken production out of pharmaceutical hands and into foreign and domestic “super labs” … or the basement …  which is creating the wide-spread meth problem we have now.

Meth is one of the easiest drugs to produce at home, and there are literally thousands of recipes out there for production. That’s why when you buy Sudafed or Mucinex D for example, you’ve got to show your ID. The active ingredient pseudoephedrine that’s in many in over-the-counters is one of the main ingredients “meth heads” need.

The Effects of Meth

Meth can be smoked, snorted, injected and taken in pill form. Teens may use meth for a variety of reasons. Meth is said to give you a sense of control and relief. Some experience better performance in school and higher energy levels … at least initially. Others, especially teens, use it as a weight loss aid. Meth is perceived to be “better” and “safer” than the hard-hitting cocaine.

With prolonged use, several serious health concerns arise. Heart problems, brain damage and vital liver, kidney and other organ damage can occur – just for starters. Not to mention “meth mouth” – where frequent meth users lose their teeth and suffer from oral disease and decay. The drug that seems harmless and makes you feel invisible can soon take a turn and have very damaging effects.

Get Drug Tested for Meth

Meth is nothing to mess around with. It’s highly prevalent in the Midwest area, and especially near Kansas City. Rural towns also have high incidence of meth users and production labs. If you suspect your teen may be using meth, make sure to have him or her drug tested today. It’s the first step in assessing the situation and identifying if you have a teen drug problem on your hands.

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