What Have Your Kids Been up to this Summer?

Summers are a rite of passage for teens before they enter the real world of the workforce. Teens can spend the days having fun in the sun with their friends or being bored out of their minds. Sometimes days with nothing to do can lead to teens getting in trouble and using drugs, alcohol or both.

While school is now back in session, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out what your teen was up to this summer.

Teen Drug Use Facts

  • Prescription drug abuse causes more death among teens than heroin and cocaine combined.

  • Sixty percent of those teens who abuse prescription drugs get them for free from friends or relatives.Marijuana

  • More than 23 million people over 12 years old are addicted to drugs, which not only affects the user, but their family, friends and entire communities.

  • Alcohol and drug use is the leading factor in teen suicide.

  • More than 19 percent of students who received D averages also used marijuana in the last month.

  • Alcohol and drugs are the leading causes of crime among teens.

  • About 50 percent of high school seniors do not think it’s harmful to try crack or cocaine once or twice, and 40 percent believe it’s not harmful to use heroin once or twice.

  • By the 8th grade, 28 percent of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 16.5 percent have used marijuana, and 15 percent have smoked tobacco.

  • When parents communicate the risks of drug and alcohol abuse to their teens, those teens are 50 percent less likely to abuse drugs than when parents don’t.

Cause for Concern

If you’re concerned that your teen may have abused drugs this summer, Test Smartly Labs can help. We offer hair and fingernail testing that can trace drug use for months. Unlike the most common drug testing method, urinalysis, hair or fingernail testing cannot be cheated. Traces of drugs embed into keratin, one of the proteins that composes hair and fingernails.

Get your teen back on track with hard proof of drug use. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City offers accurate and reliable hair and fingernail testing. Click here or call us at (816) 875-0464 to learn more today.


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