Do You Know What Your Kid is Vaping?

Nearly one-third of seventeen to eighteen-year-olds reported that they used a vape in 2017. While this trend may seem like the height of popularity for some teens, the potential dangers of using a vape aren’t quite worth the risk.

The Truth about Vaping

Parents whose kids use a vaping device should be aware of the risks that are included:

The Chemicals Used are Highly Concentrated

When using a vape, you inhale and exhale an aerosol made up of a high variety of chemicals. Some aerosols contain nicotine or THC, which is the chemical in marijuana that produces a high. Because vaping is a new and quickly-rising trend, there are hundreds of brands of vaping devices with very little regulation. No reports contain concrete information about all the chemicals that a teen could be inhaling into their system. Synthetic liquids like “herbal incense” – spice and synthetic marijuana – have a number of unidentified, concentrated chemicals that can damage developing lungs and cause mouth sores.

Companies Target Kids to Minimize Danger

Vaping is designed to seem like a safer, more fun alternative to smoking because that’s what the vaping companies want teens to think. Vapes come in all shapes and sizes that are designed to be more visually appealing to teens and young adults. These devices are sold as a “safe” alternative to using cigarettes but don’t be fooled into believing that just because vapes leave out tobacco that they are safer. Inhaling from a vape or e-cigarette, especially ones containing THC or nicotine, can amplify a drug’s side effects and the carcinogens and metal from the device itself can irritate your lungs.

Vaping Makes Transitioning to Cigarettes and Drugs  Easier

A Reuters study from last October suggests that teens are more prone to start smoking if their vape or e-cigarettes contain a high concentration of nicotine. Teens who use an e-liquid with high amounts of nicotine were twice as likely to start smoking cigarettes as teens who use nicotine-free e-liquid. Big tobacco companies have started producing e-cigarettes so that the branding message to smoke cigarettes already exists in teenage minds. Additionally, vaporizers containing THC and nicotine run a high risk of addiction, which can lead to cigarette and marijuana use as teens age.

Teens and young adults may feel extreme pressure to begin habits that could have negative effects for the rest of their lives. Parents should have a compassionate conversation with their kids if they suspect vape or e-cigarette use.

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