Keep Them Busy: Help Teens Find Hobbies

Idle children can be hard to handle. You never know if what you are doing is right, and sometimes trying to please them can feel like climbing Everest — impossible! If you have felt like this, you are probably the parent of a teenager.

Moodiness is the name of the game, isn’t it? No two teens are alike, but many of them experience a turbulent stage when anger and stubborn attitudes are the norm. You can help teens navigate this stage by encouraging them to try a new hobby.

A hobby can keep them busy and give teens an outlet for emotions and energy. Helping your teens find hobbies may seem daunting, but some simple tips can prepare you.

Listen to your teen

True, they change their minds every five minutes and something they liked last week will be lame next week. This is because teenagers are easily influenced by things outside of your control. However, as their parent you have known them for the longest time and you know their likes, dislikes and skills. You are in a great position to suggest a hobby that will seem interesting. Ask questions, pay attention to what they read, watch and follow. You may discover a link between their habits and a new hobby.

Make it fun

The one thing teenagers hate more than anything is feeling as if they are being forced to do something. As the parent of a teen, you need to be open minded as you approach new hobbies. If you require a teen to visit the theater or start taking tennis lessons, he or she may backlash and grow to detest the activity.

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To encourage your teen, make the activities fun. Ask your teen what he or she thinks of a few new hobbies. If one is a clear winner, give it a try together.

Be firm but gentle

Teenagers lose interest easily. They will start going for martial arts classes but once they realize how hard the classes are, they maywant to bail. You have an obligation to keep them interested. It is important that they stick to something and see it through, but if they begin to really dislike the idea and act out, you may want to consider allowing them to change hobbies. It is, after all, a hobby and not a lifetime commitment.

Praise your teenager

If your child picks up art, take the time to watch them paint. Encourage them and take time to admire their projects. Teens know when you’re being honest. Be sure to make the time to listen to their stories and discuss their new hobbies together.

New hobbies – Great for you and your teen

Helping your teen explore new hobbies can do wonders for your relationship. Your teen may find a new love for drama or a passion for poetry. You never know what will click for your teen, so encourage him or her to try new things and be open-minded.

Helping teens find new hobbies is a healthy way to encourage them to take care of their health, broaden their interests and stay busy. Encourage your teens in this way as you keep an open discussion about drug use,

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