Kansas City Parents, Join the Fight Against Synthetic Drugs

Previously we’ve reported on the dangers that synthetic drugs pose to teens and other users, including fatality. One of the most challenging aspects of the fight against synthetic drugs such as bath salts, acid, and K2 is the fact that manufacturers find ways around Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) restrictions to continue producing technically legal products. By using new compounds not yet deemed illegal by the DEA, the makers of synthetic drugs can continue selling their potentially fatal products to teens.

If you’re a parent who wants to stand up against synthetic drugs, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City has some suggestions for how to do so.

How Parents Can Stop Teens From Using Synthetic Drugs

Talk To Your Kids About Synthetic Drugs

The first step to reducing your teen’s risk of using synthetic drugs is educating them on the many dangers of these substances. Synthetic drugs can cause seizures; psychiatric issues such as paranoia, increased anxiety, hallucinations, and suicidal or violent thoughts; nausea and vomiting; increased heart rate; high blood pressure; chest pains; and in some cases death. Let your teen know about the serious consequences that can result from use of synthetic drugs — knowledge can be a good deterrent.

Know What’s Going on With Your TeenTest Smartly Labs of Kansas City | Kansas City Parents, Join the Fight Against Synthetic Drugs

Parents who want their teens to avoid synthetic drugs should also be aware of what their teen is up to. This includes monitoring their social lives and their participation in school. Look for any changes in their emotions, particularly withdrawn or violent behaviors, and keep track of who they’re spending time with. Set guidelines for their social activities, such as curfews and supervision requirements. By laying the groundwork for your teen and being firm with your rules, you make it clear that synthetic drugs aren’t acceptable.

Support Missouri’s Bill Against Synthetic Drugs

Missouri Representative Shawn Rhoads is sponsoring a bill that will add several substances to our state’s list of synthetic drugs, including bath salts that replicate the effects of cocaine and marijuana. The bill would stand alongside a 2010 law that bans K2, which is produced when spice cannabinoids are sprayed on plants. In response, manufacturers began producing a similar form of synthetic drugs, K3, which forced lawmakers to again expand the legal definition of synthetics in 2o11.

Rhoads hopes that his new bill will help the law combat the developments in the manufacturing of synthetic drugs. As a parent and Missouri citizen, you can contact your local representative or senator to express support for the bill, which still needs a second round of approval before moving to the state senate.

Get Synthetic Drug Testing at Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City

Another safeguard against teen drug use? Drug testing. The walk-in drug testing services at Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City include screening for synthetic drugs, and as always, our drug testing is reliable and secure. Call us today at (816) 875-0464 to learn more about our drug testing in Kansas City.

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