Is Your Teen on Spring Break? Watch Out for These Risks

Spring Break is a fun-filled week, but it also has its share of risks far worse than sunburns, lost baggage, and hangovers.

If you or your college-age child is planning to party during Spring Break, be on the lookout for these dangers.

Spring Break Health Risks

Date Rape Drugs

While kids are out at clubs enjoying alcohol and dancing, they aren’t always aware of their surroundings. This provides predators with an opportunity to slip a date rape drug into their drink. Statistics say that 1 in 5 women are raped during their college years.Spring Break

To avoid this, friends can pledge to stick together. Additionally, Spring Break partiers should be aware of symptoms like loss of muscle control and dizziness which might suggest ingestion of a date rape drug. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City also provides date rape drug testing to identify if you have been slipped one of these dangerous substances.

Alcohol Abuse and Poisonings

Alcohol is everywhere during Spring Break. Overindulgence in alcohol leads sensible people to engage in risky behaviors they wouldn’t normally consider. These behaviors include drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel or agreeing to go places with strangers.

Some partiers even put themselves at risk for alcohol poisoning, which can cause them to end up in the hospital fighting for their lives. In fact, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that half of college students participate in binge drinking. If your student is heading out on spring break, we recommend discussing the dangers of alcohol use with them before their departure.

Drug Use

Using drugs often goes along with drinking alcohol. Drugs impair judgment and may encourage engaging in risky behaviors. Spring Break partiers might want to think carefully before indulging.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In the Spring Break atmosphere where alcohol frequently fuels the proceedings, casual sex is practically inevitable. While these hookups only last hours, these Spring Break flings may also result in some long term consequences. Studies suggest that as many as 26% of men and 36% of women don’t use condoms during Spring Break hookups. This means a proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases, some of which can be particularly difficult to treat.

A Safe Spring Break With Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City

In addition to date rape drug testing, Test Smartly Labs provides STD, drug, and alcohol testing, so you can ensure your teens are healthy after their spring break. Contact us today at (816) 875-0464 to learn more about our services.

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