Is Your Teen Doping?

Let’s be real, Mom and Dad…

High school is an “angsty” time for your teenager. They’ve got social problems, they’re trying to be cool, they’re defensive and resistant… Problems seem to be stacking up.

A lot of teens feel like they have to look a certain way. Teenage guys, in particular, teen athletes may feel like they need to be bigger, stronger, and faster. Some teens may find themselves taking vitamin supplements, proteins, or weight gain powders to go along with their workouts. Unfortunately, some teens may take things a step further, finding performance-enhancing drugs, or steroids to be the “answer”.

Teen Steroid Use

Sure, looking bigger, stronger, and leaner sounds appealing to anyone, but teens don’t realize that these drugs can lead to liver, kidney, heart, and reproductive organ damage. Steroids can also damage the musculoskeletal system, and cause increased aggression (or roid rage).  And to top it off, steroid use can cause an increase in acne… exactly what any teen doesn’t want.

Parent Need-to-Knows

Parents, the biggest warning signs for steroid use is the increased aggression, moodiness, hypertension and rapid muscle growth.  How does a teen get steroids? They’re just a search and a click away online.

Bottom line…

It would be nice to get up every day and look like a professional athlete, but kids have other things they need to worry about, like grades for one. Steroid use, or doping, isn’t acceptable on any level of athletic competition. Professional athletes that use performance enhancing drugs are cheaters that cut corners to get ahead. You don’t want your teenager cutting corners, and you don’t want them in harm because of these drugs. That’s why it’s important to talk to your kids about using them, just like it’s important to talk about marijuana and other recreational drugs.

You know the signs.  You know the side effects.  Don’t let your child use these drugs.

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