Implement National Above the Influence Day


The 18th of October marked the inaugural National Above The Influence Day, part of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.

Named by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), National Above The Influence Day was created to celebrate youth living above the influence, as well as for advocacy groups to reinforce the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Last month ONDCP hosted free webinars, showing students, parents and communities how to prepare for Above The Influence Day, as well as how to get involved.

About Above The Influence

Inspired by what teens told them about how they deal with the influences and decisions they make, Above The Influence aimed to teach kids to stand up to the negative pressures in life (drugs and alcohol), while teaching them to make good decisions.

Taking advantage of drug and alcohol awareness

Although the September webinars and actual “day” have passed, now is still a great time to get involved and implement some of the pushes designed in this important day.

Talk to your kids and your teens about the importance of making good decisions and staying away from drugs. We still have a few days left in National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. All October, there have been several nationwide activities hosted by the Federal government to help open the eyes of our country to this large problem of substance abuse.

If you’re uncertain (or in denial) about your teen using drugs and alcohol, find out for sure. A drug test is often the first step for those who need help.


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