Parents, Do You Know How to Dispose of Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise nationwide, and many communities, public health officials, and parents are expressing concern over the increase.

As a parent, it’s your job to monitor your child to make sure that they’re not turning to prescription drug abuse to get high. One of the best ways you can do this is by properly disposing of your prescription drugs.

Here’s the how-to on getting rid of your outdated or unwanted medications in a safe way.

Safe Prescription Drug Disposal

Why Not Throw Away Old Prescription Drugs?

If your medicine cabinet is filled with old prescriptions, think twice before you just toss them in the trash! Doing so could mean your prescription drugs will end up in the wrong hands, such as:

  • Kansas City | How to Dispose of Prescription DrugsA child or pet’s mouth. To a child, a pill looks a lot like candy. And we all know that pets are liable to eat things from the garbage. Prevent serious illness or even death in infants, children, and pets by properly disposing of your prescriptions.
  • A drug dealer or addict’s pocket. Dealers and addicts aren’t afraid to go through trash or even break into a home to steal prescription medication that’s lying around. And you may have a friend or family member who abuses drugs without you even knowing. Reduce the chances of putting drugs in an addict’s hand by following our guidelines for handling prescriptions.
  • Our water supply. While it’s true that the Federal Drug Administration has approved the use of flushing or washing down the sink for certain medications, others can get into our water system and leave traces of pharmaceuticals, affecting the environment, animals, and our water quality.

How to Properly Dispose of Prescription Drugs

Now that you know why disposing of prescription drugs properly is so essential, here’s how to go about it:

Take Advantage of Prescription Drug Take-Back Day!

April 26, 2014 is official Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, meaning that your community may have certified collection sites where you can turn in your prescriptions to be properly disposed-of! Find your nearest prescription drug collection site and and be sure to participate this Saturday!

Correctly Dispose of Prescriptions in the Trash

If you can’t make it to a designated collection site, there’s still a way to prepare your prescription drugs for safe trash disposal:

  • Fill a sealable bag with a non-palatable substance (think kitty litter or used coffee grounds) and then sprinkle in your whole pills. Do not crush the pills. Seal the bag and bury it in your trash can. Critters, kids, and thieves will be less-inclined to steal your prescription drugs when they’re concealed this way.
  • Strip all personal information from your medicine bottles or packaging before throwing them away.

Put ‘Em Down the Drain

Certain medications can be safely disposed of in a toilet or sink — in fact, certain ones such as fentanyl patches are required to be flushed after use. Consult this list of prescription drugs approved for sink or toilet disposal to see if your medication falls under this designation.

More Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention for Parents

Proper disposal of your prescription drugs is one part of preventing your teen’s drug abuse. Another way to do so is through prescription drug testing at Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City. We offer accurate, confidential drug testing so that parents can monitor and verify when they suspect their teen of drug use.

To learn more about our services or to get started on prescription drug testing today, contact us or call (816) 875-0464 today!

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