How did your Teen Celebrate 4/20?

420? Ever heard of it? If your teen is smoking pot, I can guarantee that he or she has. And that’s why this week is a great time to know for sure if your teen used drugs recently.

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"Deadheads" aren't the only ones celebrating 4/20 these days. Did your teen join in too?

What is 420?

420 is a number that has become synonymous with smoking marijuana. April 20th is known as “Weed Day,” and pot smokers around the country often light up on 4/20 at 4:20pm… if not all hours of the day. Outside of the actual date itself, “420” has become a code within the marijuana smoking community. The Huffington Post’s article on the history of “420” even mentions that it has made its way into our government through the medical marijuana bill of California, named SB 420. No longer are the “deadheads” at Graetful Dead concerts the only ones celebrating 4/20 these days. It’s become quote the movement.

Read the History of 420 from the Huffington Post article.

Why Test My Teen After 420?

April 20 is a day where most drug users who smoke marijuana will light up with fellow pot smokers and “celebrate.” It’s kind of like a holiday for those using drugs. And since it just occurred this past Saturday, this week is a great time to test for drugs. The jokes about 4/21 being “surprise drug testing day” may be humorous, but there’s a lot of truth behind them. Now is the time to know for sure if your teen is smoking pot.

While reports can vary on marijuana detection time, this week is the prime week for detecting its use. Even those who infrequently smoke marijuana will have traces of pot (called THC by-product) that show up in urine for up to 10 days after smoking. It’s doubtful pot smokers are lining up for jobs this week where drug tests are required. Just about every drug testing method – from urine to blood, and especially hair and fingernails – will catch the drug use right now.

What to Do if Your Teen “Celebrated” 4/20

First, know for sure if your teen celebrated 4/20 by having them drug tested. We have many cheat-proof methods that will ensure accurate results.

In the event the test is not negative, we have drug deterrents like the sweat patch that can not only detect use 24/7 but also steer teens away from continuing to use drugs. There are also several classes and teen parenting guides available if your teen is using drugs and you need steered in the right direction.

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