Help Your Teen Apply for a Summer Job

When summer break rolls around, most teens have their minds on relaxing at the pool and spending time with friends. Parents, on the other hand, might envision their kids doing something a little more productive: juggling summer fun with a summer job.

As a parent, there are some steps you can take to help your teen secure a good summer job and start saving up for college. Here are our tips for assisting your teen as they conduct a summer job search.

How to Help Your Teen Apply for a Summer Job

Search Smart

Kansas City | Help Your Teen Apply for a Summer JobWhen looking for the perfect summer job for your teen, it’s important to search smartly. Sit down with your teen and brainstorm a list of good keywords to use as you look online for ideal summer work. Be sure to add keywords like “part-time,” “paid internship,” “entry-level,” and “high school” to weed out those positions that are for more advanced or experienced applicants.

Ask Around

You never know who has connections to a great summer job for your teenager. Ask your friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of if they know of any fitting opportunities. Tapping into your network will only expand the number of prospective jobs to apply for.

Offer Help With Their Resume

Sometimes, it can be hard for a teen to know where to begin when it comes to crafting a resume. Since you probably have some experience with the process, offer to look over their first draft and make suggestions for improvement. You can also provide help with any cover letters they need to write during the application process.

Explain the Interview Process

For many teens, applying for a summer job is the very first experience with the application and interview process. It’s a good idea to review the process with them, including:

  • Background screening: explain how your teen’s prospective employers might evaluate their application before they even start the interview process. Make sure your teen makes smart picks for their reference list, as the names they provide might have a big say in how appealing they are to employers.
  • Interview questions: prepare your teen for the interview questions they might encounter during the process. Staging a mock interview is a fun way to make them feel comfortable answering employers’ questions.
  • Drug testing: more and more, employers are realizing the importance of drug testing temporary employees. This includes teens for a summer job. You can prep your teen for the process by explaining the common forms of drug testing.

Make Sure Your Teen is Ready For a Summer Job

If you’re a parent who wants to ensure that your teen is really ready for summer employment, part of your process should include drug testing. At Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City, you can get quick, accurate, and confidential drug testing for teens.

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