How Hair Drug Testing Could Save Your Child’s Life

Many parents have no other option than putting their child into daycare. Usually these situations are safe and nurturing, but occasionally a horror story emerges that has parents everywhere questioning how well they know their child’s caregiver.

That is the case in Waco, Texas where a daycare provider is facing criminal charges after allegedly dosing children under her care with Benadryl. Tragically, one of the children under her charge, Clara Felton, died as a result of an overdose of the antihistamine.

The case highlights how hair drug testing can prove invaluable to parents and perhaps help prevent unspeakable tragedies.

Do You Know Enough About Your Child’s Caretaker?

What Happened at the Spoiled Rotten Day Care?Napping

After the death of Clara Felton, other parents whose children had been cared for by Marian Fraser, who operated Spoiled Rotten Day Care, requested hair drug testing from an independent lab. The results of the hair drug testing conclusively proved that each of the other children had also been receiving Benadryl that was not prescribed by a physician. These hair drug testing results confirmed what concerned parents already suspected: Their children were receiving medications without their knowledge.

Texas officials speculate that Fraser was giving her charges drops of Benadryl in their bottles. This ensured that they would all nap at the same time. Unfortunately, it seems that this practice is not isolated. Parents everywhere might want to take their children in for hair drug testing to find out if they have been given any unauthorized substances.

What Does Hair Drug Testing Involve?

Hair drug testing is a gentle, non-invasive method for detecting the presence of drugs. The specimen comes from the hair or body of the individual, and the lab is capable of testing for a wide variety of substances. The results of hair drug testing are known to be exceptionally accurate, and generally cover a 90 day period of time.

Drug Testing for Childcare Workers

Hair drug testing of children is an important step, particularly if you are concerned that they have been given medications or other substances without your knowledge. However, it’s important to take other precautions as well. Insist upon a drug screening for your child’s caregiver before you hire them. This will ensure that you do not place your child’s life in the hands of someone who is dangerously impaired.

Keep Your Children Safe, Kansas City

Unfortunately for Clara Felton’s parents, it was too late before they realized their daughter had been given medication that led to her death. They may find some small comfort in the fact that Marian Fraser was found guilty of murder in their daughter’s case.

If you want to make sure your child is safe in the care of those you’ve entrusted them to, contact Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City for accurate, court-admissible hair drug testing. It is easy and painless to conduct hair drug testing on a child, and if the results find anything requiring legal action, you can use them in your case. We can also help you conduct drug testing on the caregiver.

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